How to use hash tags?

Tips to embrace while creating hashtags for your brand Hashtags are the brilliant way to tag the video posts on the social media sites using keywords and these help the avid social media users to find the videos pertained to that topic with ease and without searching extensively. In order to make a hashtag, you […]

What is bitcoin Mining?

What is bitcoin mining? You might already know that bitcoin is a digital currency that is used for online trades. You can use them to buy products or services and earn them by providing the same. It is quite convenient and also untraceable. You can get started with bitcoins by converting the real world currency […]

All about Google driverless car

People, especially automobile enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for another breakthrough invention from technology giant, Google, i.e. Google driverless car. This does not have any steering wheel, pedals and brakes. This has two seats and a little space for putting the luggage and helps two people at a time to reach the destination without human intervention. […]

Importance of website for businesses

For running any business (small or large), it is important that world must know about it. In old times, when telephone was not a common thing which everyone could afford, vendors used to sell their products in local markets and promote it only through physical methods like leaflets, advertisement boards etc. After some time, telephone became popular […]

Make Clickable Things Look Clickable

This is really a no-brainer but nevertheless important, and actually something a lot of sites get wrong. Imagine that you have an affiliate site for the travel industry. You write beautiful articles which vividly describes exotic places where people could spend their holidays. Sprinkled in the text you have affiliate links to traveling agencies, which […]

Enabling Logo support in wordpress custom theme

Wordpress has an inbuilt logo support which makes it dynamic and enables clients to change the logo as per their requirement anytime. All we need to do is enable it in our custom theme.

How to add website on Google Webmaster or Search console

Google Webmaster tool is an interface provided by Google. This tool is used by website owners or webmasters to manage their websites.When you add,  verify and configure your website on google webmaster, it will be automatically added to search engine. This means google now knows your website much better than just submitting it through url submission.

this may be due to a blocked port missing dependencies – XAMPP Error

When i installed xampp on my pc. It worked great initially. But after some time, i stuck with an error “this may be due to a blocked port missing dependencies”. This error suddenly pops-up when i tried to run the apache server. It took hours for me to fix the issue but after banging my […]