Adding JS files in WordPress using wp_register_script & wp_enqueue_script

Most of the times, when you integrate your custom theme in wordpress. You keep the js files in footer.php of the webpage. But that is not the correct way to include the js files in the theme. wp_enqueue_script and wp_register_script are the 2 functions that we are going to use for including the js files […]

WordPress – Get featured image – the_post_thumbnail

If you are creating a custom theme in WordPress. Then, this is the most useful article for you. There are lots of time when you stuck with this issue “How to get the featured image”. I will explain you how to do this easily. Step 1: To enable the featured image support, you need to […]

Product List Layout – Bootstrap 4

Are you designing a custom e-commerce theme for yourself or your client? Then, you must consider this beautiful layout for displaying list of your products. The product layout is created using following libraries, technologies & resources: Bootstrap 4 FontAwesome Icons Google Font HTML, SCSS The primary color & font of the design can be easily […]

Why is blog important for a business?

In this digital age, everybody has access to internet through laptops or phones. Getting website for a business is a necessity now. Whenever a person plans to start a business, website is the first thing that comes into his mind. But, do you think getting a website is sufficient? The bigger question is how will […]

How to access WordPress functions in external file

Wordpress functions are very useful and solve lots of purposes. But normally, we can access it only inside the wordpress files like themes, plugins etc.

How to create & call global PHP functions in CodeIgniter

We occasionally need some common global functions during our development. In core PHP, we can create a file, say functions.php (don’t confuse it with wordpress functions.php). We can include this file in any other file to access its functions. But, CodeIgniter is a MVC framework and it follows Object-oriented programming. Everything is managed in it […]

How to control someone else arm with your brain (Neuroscience)

Brain is the most complex part of the human body. It is a bit daunting to perceive the neurons functioning in it. Moreover, many schools are not evincing interest in teaching their students neuroscience, an underlying study. This may be due to its complexity and expensiveness.

How to use hash tags?

Tips to embrace while creating hashtags for your brand Hashtags are the brilliant way to tag the video posts on the social media sites using keywords and these help the avid social media users to find the videos pertained to that topic with ease and without searching extensively. In order to make a hashtag, you […]