How to create Feedback form on Google Forms

Google forms is a tool which helps individuals or businesses in collecting data from users. It can be used to collect data or surveys, feedbacks, registrations, send party invites and much more. Let’s see how to create a form on Google Forms. Step 1: Go to and login if you are not already logged […]

How to build publishable android apk in ionic through command line

Creating a publishable apk in ionic can be a very simple task if you follow the below steps. Open the Command Line at the root directory of your ionic app Run the following command to generate the release build of your ionic appionic cordova build android –release This will generate a file “app-release-unsigned.apk” inside the […]

5 Must Use WordPress Plugins to create custom theme

If you work on WordPress and create custom themes for your clients, here is a list of 5 must use WordPress plugins that can help you create a very flexible and great website. These plugins include various phases of project like Development, SEO, Performance & Migration. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. […]

How to vertically center align div or text using css

Vertically center aligning div or text is one of the most common requirements for creating great UI/UX of websites. This can be achieved by css or jquery. In this post, we will see how to do it using CSS Flex property. In the above code, we have 2 divs. ‘col-container’ is parent of ‘col-center’ and […]

How to reset the password of Email Id created through cPanel

Step 1. Login to you email id through web browser. Please refer the article “How to access cPanel Emails through web browser“. Step 2.Click on the Email id dropdown at top right corner of the page. And then, click on “Password & Security”. Step 3.Enter a new password and save it. Now, you can login […]

How to access cPanel Emails through web browser

Step 1. Visit the URL webmail.domain.comVisit or where will be replaced by your actual domain Step 2. Enter your credentialsEnter the email id and password provided by your developer (or you have created yourself from cPanel) and click on the Log in button. Step 3. Choose a Default Webmail ClientcPanel provides a […]

How to create an On-Scroll fixed navigation bar using JQuery & CSS

When you visit a website, most of the times you see the fixed navigation on-scroll functionality. This means, when you are on the top of the page, the navigation bar is fixed at some place in header section of the page. But when you start scrolling down, then at some point, this navigation bar will […]

Git basic commands – init, add, commit, push

Git is an amazing version control system. Here are few basic commands that you need to start any git project. git init git init is used to create a new repository. If you have a local project folder in your system, then git init command will make the project as a repository. git add git […]