How to Remove “Tools” Menu Item from WordPress Admin Menu for specific User Role

WordPress is a powerful tool to create any type of website. It is a preferred choice of many developers and even clients who don’t have much knowledge of WordPress. Being a developer, I am sure, you want to provide a simple admin panel to your client without any extra menu items. So, here I will […]

Creating & using custom shortcode in WordPress

WordPress is a multi-purpose CMS for creating any kind of website. It is super flexible and you can create business website, blog website, personal website, portfolio, and various kind of web applications as well using it. Shortcode is a very important and useful feature of WordPress. Using the shortcode, you can create functionalities that can […]

How to remove your website from Google Search using robots.txt

There are times when you need to block your website from showing up on Google or you want to remove your website from Google Search. Following are few cases where you need to do so: Your website is private and you don’t want people to see it. If you have a staging version of your […]

PHP Arrays Explained with examples

PHP Array is a special kind of variable which can hold more than one value. It has lots of benefits like you can loop through its values, you can run various array related functions on it etc. PHP Create Array array() function is used to create an array. Or in other words, you can say […]

PHP implode function explained

PHP implode() function joins all the elements of an array with the provided joiner string/character and returns a string. In this function, we pass 2 parameters i.e. joiner, array. Unlike PHP explode function, it doesn’t have any 3rd parameter. joiner optional A character or string that is placed between the elements of array while joining.The […]

PHP explode function explained

The explode function in PHP is very useful in developing any web application or website. In this article, I will explain the explode function and give you real-life example. PHP explode() explode() function splits/break a word into an array based on the separator provided. separator required A character or string which specifies from where to […]

PHP Uppercase & Lowercase

In this article, I will show you how to uppercase or lowercase a string in PHP. First of all, let’s see why is it required. Why are PHP Uppercase & Lowercase functions required? PHP uppercase or lowercase is required to achieve the following: To display data uniformly on webpage no matter how they are stored […]

Adding JS files in WordPress using wp_register_script & wp_enqueue_script

Most of the times, when you integrate your custom theme in wordpress. You keep the js files in footer.php of the webpage. But that is not the correct way to include the js files in the theme. wp_enqueue_script and wp_register_script are the 2 functions that we are going to use for including the js files […]