WordPress is one of the most happening platforms for everyone that is interested in getting their websites done. Just by using a few simple steps, one might easily get the website of their choice within moments. Creating web pages using this platform is a boon to all the web designers as it reduces a lot of time, effort, and cost too. Web designers that are seasoned can design a website using WordPress within hours due to its user-friendly options and fewer complications. In the next section of the article, we would be taking you through the top 10 tips to create a powerful and striking website using the WordPress platform.

1. Understand the requirement

The first and the foremost tips that every WordPress designer must focus upon is to understand the requirement. There are several options that one can find while designing a website. But not everything that you come across may be suitable for the business that you own.  One has to first get a complete insight into the business that they are into and then move ahead to purchase the theme.

2. Look for the right themes

There are a lot of themes that one can choose from. Themes created on WordPress are made to suit the requirement of the different business and industry lines. With a click of a mouse, the theme can be activated and installed. Make sure to study the technical details of the theme properly, even before you install them.

3. Try using a free theme

WordPress offers a lot of free themes that you can choose from even before you invest in them. Although they come with certain limitations, for a novice blogger making use of free themes can be one of the greatest options. When using free themes, you would be able to understand the overall platform in a better manner and then proceed to invest.

4. Work on the widgets

Ensure to arrange the widgets the way you want to. The layout of the website is completely determined by the placement of the widgets. There are a plethora of options for widgets, but some themes might restrict the usage of these. Hence, it becomes essential to have complete information on the widgets even before you activate them.

5. Work on the layout and the SEO plugin

The layout of the website plays a vital role in the website. Placement of the web content must be done with great care. Having a layout that with infinite scroll can be much more effective as it attracts the audience quite extensively. Once you are done with the layout, you can choose to work on the SEO plugin. Driving traffic to the website is as important as having a compelling design. A website without an audience would be of no use. Hence, working on the SEO plugin is highly essential.

6. Know more about Google Analytics

It is also crucial to have the reports in place to know the performance of the website. Unless and until you make an analysis, the website ranking would always be at the rock-bottom. Only with detailed and time to time analysis, it becomes easier to enhance the website and take it to another level. Strategies related to content, design and SEO can be done only when the website is linked with Google Analytics.

7. Know the fundamentals of coding

Although WordPress website does not have a lot of coding to be done, as a website designer, it becomes highly essential to understand the basic concepts related to coding. This knowledge can come in handy when you need to crack a theme or even work on the backend issues.

8. Customize the website

WordPress is one of the easiest platforms that can help you to customize the website easily. The installation of plugins, widgets, and other theme-related changes can be made quickly without many efforts. Customization of the website can increase the overall aesthetic appearance of the website within the instance.

9. Secure the website

Once the website is built, it is important to secure it with a proper SSL certificate to increase credibility. Most people would back off, clicking on a webpage that is not secure. To keep the hackers away from your website and attract more audiences, it is important to have a secured website.

10. Get the right hosting plan

Investing in the right hosting plan is also one of the primary things when you are planning to design a website. Finding the best hosting service provider can help the overall website look excellent.

These are some of the most vital tips that every individual who has the desire to own a website must incorporate while working on WordPress.We hope that these things would come in handy for you when you want to have your website.