In this digital age, everybody has access to internet through laptops or phones. Getting website for a business is a necessity now. Whenever a person plans to start a business, website is the first thing that comes into his mind. But, do you think getting a website is sufficient? The bigger question is how will people reach the website if they don’t know about it. It’s like opening a shop in the middle of a desert where nobody visits.

You need to promote your website through various platforms available on internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn etc. Promoting a website requires sharing helpful information with others so that they can connect with you. To create this helpful information, you will need a Blog. Through blogging, you can convert your thoughts and ideas into articles which can be shared on social media. This is just one aspect of Blogging, there is lot more you can do with it. We will see it in upcoming sections.

How Business Blog Increases your Sales

On Blog, you can write good quality posts and share it on social media and other platforms. It’s important that you have to write only good quality content related to your business industry. Today, Google search algorithm is so smart that it can easily analyze your content quality. Maybe you need to hire a content writer for that but believe me it’s really worth it. This content will drive traffic to your website which in turn increases your website domain authority. And, when you have good organic traffic on your website. It will rank good for keywords related to your business on search engines.

Besides search results, lots of traffic that comes on your blog will be potential customers because they will be interested in your services.

Let’s take an example. Suppose, you have a business of stationary & handicrafts and you also have a website for it. Only displaying your products won’t be sufficient. You can create a blog in which you can post articles related to handicrafts like DIY tutorials. People who have interest in DIY are more likely to be interested in purchasing your stationary & handicrafts products. So, it could be an ideal audience for this business. Lots of people search for DIY tutorials everyday. If you can provide them good content, they will surely like to connect with you. And when you have the target audience connected with you, it’s so easy to promote your products to them.

Benefits of having a Business Blog

  • Increase your website traffic and converts them into your potential customers
  • Makes your business more professional & trustworthy
  • Keeps your social accounts more fresh with regular new content
  • Increases your website and domain authority which in turn increases your rank on Google & other search engines
  • Enables you share your business news, updates & stories through blog

Things to Consider while setting up Business Blog

Things to consider

  • When you set up a blog, there are lots of tools available like facebook page plugin, instagram follow, email subscriptions, push notifications, etc through which you can retain your website visitors for future.
  • Keywords selection is important. You should select your posts keywords based on search density & relevance to your business.
  • Your website & blog should be created by someone professional who has good knowledge of On-page SEO & page speed. It’s code should be mobile friendly & google friendly.

So, I guess I am able to answer your question “How important is Blog for a business“.

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