There are numerous types of websites on internet. The most basic one is Static Website. Here, we will discuss what are these. The major difference of static website from other types is that it is not connected to database. So, it can be created using front-end languages with minimal use of back-end languages. You must have seen basic 5-10 page websites which includes pages like Home, About Us, Our Services, Our Work, Contact Us. These are the best example of Static Websites.

From the technical point of view, lets see how this works. When a user opens a website, browser sends request to server for the web page. Now, server processes the web page and sends the result back to the browser. In case of static website, no processing is done which means the webpages are stored in such a way that it is sent directly to the browser. They can be created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript languages. Though, if your “Contact Us” page have an enquiry form and you want the data to be sent to your email. In that case, a little bit of back-end scripting will be done. But this can be counted in Static Website category.

Pros and Cons of static website

Pros: Static websites or web pages are quick to develop and cheap to host.
Cons: If owner needs to change content of web page, then he needs some development knowledge.