How to add website on Google Webmaster or Search console

Google Webmaster tool is an interface provided by Google. This tool is used by website owners or webmasters to manage their websites.When you add,  verify and configure your website on google webmaster, it will be automatically added to search engine. This means google now knows your website much better than just submitting it through url submission.

Here, you add sitemap of your website. Check your website for errors like broken links and all. Here, we will see how add and configure your website on google webmaster so that it will be indexed there.

Step 1:

Visit Google Webmaster Tool, and login using your gmail or normal google account credentials.

Step 2:

Once you are logged in, enter your website url in the field given and clic Add Property. Enter the exact url with proper canonicalization, means if you are using non-www version of url enter the same.

Example: Webolute is using, so i have entered the same, not

Google Webmaster Dashboard

Step 3:

Go to “Crawl” > “Sitemaps” on the left side navigation.
Click on “Add/Test Sitemap” button
Enter xml sitemap file link, that you have updated on your server, in the text field. If you haven’t created sitemap file yet, don’t worry… get it generated online at
Hit “Submit” button and it’s done. To see it in effect, you need to refresh the page.

Google Search Console Sitemap Page

Step 4:

Now, in the final step, you will actually ask google to index your website on their webmaster tool.

Go to “Crawl” > “Fetch as Google” on left side navigation.
If you are indexing the website for the first time on google webmaster tool, leave the url text field blank. Otherwise, you need to enter the specific page link which you want to index.
Then, click “Fetch and Render”. It will automatically add a new row in the below table with status as “Pending”.
After few minutes, when it’s changed to “Partial”, hit “Submit to index”  next to it.
A dialog box will pop-up. Select “Crawl this URL and its direct links” and hit GO.

Google webmaster Fetch Page

Now, your website is submitted to google for indexing. Google will check your website and index it according to their policy within a few days.

Remember, your website might not be visible even after this process because it might be displayed on 100th page of google which no one accesses. For bringing your website on top, you need to do SEO on your website.

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