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People, especially automobile enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for another breakthrough invention from technology giant, Google, i.e. Google driverless car. This does not have any steering wheel, pedals and brakes. This has two seats and a little space for putting the luggage and helps two people at a time to reach the destination without human intervention. All you need to do is to set the destination in the smartphone, press the start button, then it takes you to the destined location at a brisk pace. If there is any emergency, then you can press the emergency button equipped besides the start button. You can check the speed of the vehicle, weather condition in the car that drives itself on screen displayed near the start button. The best part of this Google driverless car is that, after you reach the destination, the car reminds you to take the belongings. Undeniably, people do not need to hire a driver to commute by google autonomous car, thus reducing their expenses that they shell out on the drivers.

This swanky looking Google driverless car gives an incredible driving experience for the vehicle owners. Since the planning stage of the project, the hype and hoopla created for this car is high. Every user is inquisitively waiting for the car that drives itself to hit the roads. The developers have programmed this car that drives itself without anyone’s assistance by embedding navigator.

Here are a few interesting features that are being loaded in this stylish Google driverless car:

Navigation: The navigator inbuilt in the car that drives itself can take you to your destination without any hassle. It can handle the vehicle without a driver in the bustling area.

Tower on the roof: This Google driverless car is equipped with a small tower on the roof that uses laser technology to detect the surrounding areas with ease.

Software: The experienced and professional google development team has created the code that is required for the car to drive selflessly. This code is programmed in such a way that it can easily travel through the atrocious traffic areas without any fuss. The engineers have taught the software on how to detect the cyclists and motorists who comes in their way while travelling on the roads. When you tell the destination, then the google autonomous car takes you to that path safely, thus making your journey less stressful.

Traffic Signals: Google has mapped all the traffic signals across the world in its software. At present, this self-driving cars can read the signals, crossing guards and other traffic signs. Albeit, the cars know when to stop at the signal, but starting the google autonomous car again is a bit challenging. However, engineers are putting their relentless efforts to get a solution for this. The best part of this google autonomous car is that, it knows where to stop in the four-way route.

Comprehends the gesture: Ideally, the drives gives gestures with their hands while taking a left or right or cross through another lane or while driving in the snow. This google autonomous car can understand the gestures that are given by the other drives and drive the car smoothly without getting distracted and prone to any kind of accidents. The passengers in the car can happily snooze, work, talk, eat, etc. and carry out all the other works without focusing on how the self-driving car is driving.

Use laser radar system: The laser radar technology embedded in the software of this car that drives itself gives a clear 3D map of the surrounding area for easy navigation.

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