Setting proper permalink structure for default posts and custom post types

Managing url structure for your WordPress website or blog could be tedious especially when you have multiple post types. Let’s learn this through following example. Suppose we have 3 types of content in website i.e. Blog posts, services and news. For these, we want to create the following URL structures.Blog Posts : www.domain.com/blog/[post-slug]Services : www.domain.com/service/[service-slug]News […]

Top 10 tips for creating a website using WordPress

WordPress is one of the most happening platforms for everyone that is interested in getting their websites done. Just by using a few simple steps, one might easily get the website of their choice within moments. Creating web pages using this platform is a boon to all the web designers as it reduces a lot […]

5 Must Use WordPress Plugins to create custom theme

If you work on WordPress and create custom themes for your clients, here is a list of 5 must use WordPress plugins that can help you create a very flexible and great website. These plugins include various phases of project like Development, SEO, Performance & Migration. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s get started. […]

How to Remove “Tools” Menu Item from WordPress Admin Menu for specific User Role

WordPress is a powerful tool to create any type of website. It is a preferred choice of many developers and even clients who don’t have much knowledge of WordPress. Being a developer, I am sure, you want to provide a simple admin panel to your client without any extra menu items. So, here I will […]

Creating & using custom shortcode in WordPress

WordPress is a multi-purpose CMS for creating any kind of website. It is super flexible and you can create business website, blog website, personal website, portfolio, and various kind of web applications as well using it. Shortcode is a very important and useful feature of WordPress. Using the shortcode, you can create functionalities that can […]

Adding JS files in WordPress using wp_register_script & wp_enqueue_script

Most of the times, when you integrate your custom theme in wordpress. You keep the js files in footer.php of the webpage. But that is not the correct way to include the js files in the theme. wp_enqueue_script and wp_register_script are the 2 functions that we are going to use for including the js files […]

WordPress – Get featured image – the_post_thumbnail

If you are creating a custom theme in WordPress. Then, this is the most useful article for you. There are lots of time when you stuck with this issue “How to get the featured image”. I will explain you how to do this easily. Step 1: To enable the featured image support, you need to […]

How to access WordPress functions in external file

Wordpress functions are very useful and solve lots of purposes. But normally, we can access it only inside the wordpress files like themes, plugins etc.