How can a good website grow a business potentially?

If you have a good website, it can help you in many ways to grow your business. It can help you to get more customers, generate leads, and even make sales. But how can a website really grow a business? There are many potential ways. Below are some of the most common and most effective […]

Why is website performance necessary for businesses?

There are a number of reasons why website performance is necessary for businesses. Firstly, website performance is a key factor in determining whether a website is successful in achieving its objectives. If a website is slow or unavailable, users are likely to leave the site without completing their intended task. This can result in lost […]

5 Things Most Web Development Agencies Don’t Do, But We Do

A website is a marketing tool that generates leads for businesses and sales for eCommerce businesses. But do you know? It is not limited to a good design only. I would like to list 5 things that are very important for a website to become successful but usually ignored by most of the web development […]

How to build an online presence of your business on the internet?

Gone are the days where people were largely dependent on offline marketing strategies to attract business. This is a generation where everything happens through online channels, and that includes business marketing as well. A lot of people receive leads through online channels, and they have found it quite effective. However, one must understand that the […]

How COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pushing Businesses towards Digitalization

The COVID-19 outbreak has become a significant setback to a lot of businesses. Every other industry is suffering due to this pandemic and is pushing its business towards digitalization. The epidemic has spread so rapidly that even countries like the United States of America, Germany, Italy, and Russia have also become helpless.  Irrespective of the […]

How to reset the password of Email Id created through cPanel

Step 1. Login to you email id through web browser. Please refer the article “How to access cPanel Emails through web browser“. Step 2.Click on the Email id dropdown at top right corner of the page. And then, click on “Password & Security”. Step 3.Enter a new password and save it. Now, you can login […]

How to access cPanel Emails through web browser

Step 1. Visit the URL webmail.domain.comVisit or where will be replaced by your actual domain Step 2. Enter your credentialsEnter the email id and password provided by your developer (or you have created yourself from cPanel) and click on the Log in button. Step 3. Choose a Default Webmail ClientcPanel provides a […]

How to remove your website from Google Search using robots.txt

There are times when you need to block your website from showing up on Google or you want to remove your website from Google Search. Following are few cases where you need to do so: Your website is private and you don’t want people to see it. If you have a staging version of your […]