Secret Notes App

Secret Notes is the free application powered by Webolute. All the people in this world have some kind of secrets. It could be a pass-phase, private diary, confidential information or some other information data. This application will lock your data with a secret key provided by you. After locking the data, you have to save the encrypted data in some file with you. You should not edit or delete the encrypted data otherwise your information will be lost forever. To unlock, just paste the data in the field and input the key that you have entered while locking it. Then, just press the Unlock button and your data will there in the next text box.

Steps to lock:
  • Enter your secret key.
  • Enter the note/text to lock.
  • Press "Lock It".
  • Take a copy of locked text in the right block.
  • Don't forget your secret key.
Steps to Unlock:
  • Enter your secret key used while locking.
  • Enter the locked note/text to unlock.
  • Press "Unlock It".
  • You will get the original note on the right.
Note: Be cautious while using this app. It may lead to data loss.

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